Mediation offers divorcing couples a comfortable environment where they are encouraged to work together and come up with a divorce plan that suits them both. During mediation, the couple will meet with a mediator who will help keep the conversation moving while making sure both parties are equally heard. If a problem arises, the mediator will encourage communication, help problem-solve and teach skills for resolving future conflict.

Additional Benefits for Mediation

    You keep the power
    Mediation gives you control over how your divorce plays out. There’s no judge calling the shots. You and your spouse get to decide what works and what compromises might need to be made. A mediator will be there to facilitate and help you work through any issues that arise along the way.

    It’s much less costly
    Although having a Trial before the court is always an option, mediation can be much less expensive. Trials can costs thousands of dollars, where a successful mediation will cost a fraction of that amount.

    There’s greater confidentiality
    Anything disclosed during mediation is privileged and will remain private.

    It’s much less stressful on children
    Mediation is known to be extremely beneficial for divorce cases involving children. Divorce can be scary for children, going through litigation could mean having several professionals interview and evaluate your children. The children might also have to appear in court which can be jarring and leave a lasting impression.

    There’s a higher chance for post-divorce stability
    Mediation can given you the tools to communicate successfully with your spouse throughout the divorce process. It is more likely this type of behavior will carry over once the divorce is complete, allowing the two of you to have a respectful relationship.


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