After the courts have determined child custody during a divorce, depending on the custody situation, you will likely need to develop a visitation schedule with the other parent. The courts very much prefer that both parents work together to develop a fair and reasonable schedule that is mutually agreed upon.

This is called a reasonable visitation, and means that both parents are able to cooperate and work together to see that the visitation rights of each parent are properly met. Generally speaking, the custodial parent has a little more say in how this schedule is developed and implemented. After all, the custodial parent also needs to work his or her schedule around the schedule of the child or children as well.

If it is determined that the parents are not able to work together, the courts may issue a fixed schedule. This means that they will set specific times, usually weekly, for the visitations to take place. This may be more of an inconvenience for the parents, but does have the benefit of being potentially easier on the children. Sometimes establishing a firm schedule means that the children can adapt to the new routine and will know when they will get to see their other parent.

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