Deciding to end a marriage is not easy, but when couples do make the decision, their aim is to work out a settlement agreement that suits their individual and mutual aims while dealing with one another respectfully. When there are children involved, it is even more important to be able to deal with one another amicably and create a settlement that will advance the children’s best interests as well.

Collaborative law divorce is one way to achieve this. Rather than venture into the courtroom, collaborative divorce is a process whereby parties work with various professionals and work through the issues involved in the case. Known as interest-based negotiation, it focuses on creating agreements that highlight the goals each party hopes to achieve. The aim is to create a respectful and safe environment where each party can express their needs and negotiate without going to court. In Texas, couples sign an agreement that states that not only will they try to settle all their issues without going to court, they will also not threaten to go to court either. This way, they can talk through issues without any looming threats.

When a divorcing couple goes to court, they often end up handing over the control of their case and therefore their whole future to a judge who may not be familiar with their circumstances. Collaborative divorce allows trained professionals to work with the family, who knows their situation best, to come to a creative and customized solution that suits their unique situation.


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