• Mat Rueda Has Been Invaluable to My Family

    When I first began my Divorce process, Mr. Rueda came highly recommend to me by several trusted friends. During this very difficult time he has communicated with me in a way that has been warm and respectful. In the courtroom Mr. Rueda is confident, extremely knowledgeable, and entirely well-spoken. Mr. Rueda and his office staff have been beyond generous towards me with their time and their thoughts towards my case. I can unequivocally offer my recommendation of the Mat Rueda Law Firm (specifically Mr. Rueda). I am truly grateful that Mr. Rueda handled my case, and achieved a favorable outcome for me and my daughters.
    – db
  • Mat Rueda was extremely helpful and knowledgeable

    I was lucky to find Mat during a difficult time in my life. During my divorce he was very helpful and knowledgeable with all aspects of Texas divorce laws. He was able to explain the process and my options as it pertained to the case. During the process he was very accessible and prompt in communication. I would definitely recommend Mat to anyone going through divorce or other family law situations.
    – Mark
  • Great attorney!

    Hiring Mat was the best decision I could have made. He was attentive and was always willing to take a minute or an hour to talk to me. His office was always kind and willing to help me with whatever I needed. Truly recommend this firm.
    – Maria
  • Amazing Lawyer - HIGHLY Recommend

    He was my lifesaver. He gave me a piece of mind and was always available when I had questions. He helped me navigate several tricky situations and ensured that I would be taken care of after my divorce was finalized. I would highly recommend Attorney Rueda for any of your family law needs!
    – Lindsey
  • A Trustworthy Attorney

    I found Mat Rueda when things were as bad as they could be for our family. Mr.Rueda was professional, patient, informative and led our family through the courts with a confidence that only comes from knowing his profession very well. I was impressed that other attorneys like and respect him and he knew how to elicit a productive conversation. He thought outside the box, kept focused, and achieved our goals consistently. Without Mr. Rueda, I am not sure how our case would have turned out. I found Mat Rueda to be an excellent attorney and a good person. I would confidently recommend Mr. Rueda to anyone seeking a family attorney.
    – A family client
Honest , Compassionate and Dependable

Mr. Rueda went beyond any attorney I spoke with about my divorce case. He was very honest with me and thorough through each step of the process. He always made time to answer my questions as well as keep me informed. I have already referred a close friend to Mr. Rueda as I am confident he will treat her case with as much respect and care as he has mine.
– Amanda
Trusted Divorce Attonery! He handled my divorce with professionalism and compassion.

Mr. Rueda represented me in a divorce in 2012. This was a trying time for me and my daughter. Mr Rueda not only worked with me and "held my hand" every step of the way, but also made me feel comfortable with the process. I won custody of my daughter and could not be happier. He is an amazing attorney and man. I have told all of my friends and family about my attorney. And yes he is "my attorney for life". Thank you so much Mr. Rueda.
– A Child Custody client
Mr Rueda is very professional and knowledgeable in regards to the law. He was also very sympathetic to my situation

Mr. Rueda was always professional and very knowledgeable in the law. He also showed me a lot of compassion regarding my situation. He is very prompt and was very accommodating and able to represent me and filings on short notice. He never had an issue talking me through things and spending as much time as it took to help me through situations. Also, his pricing is very reasonable and never tried to bill me for every little phone call or question. I would highly recommend Mr. Rueda to anyone who wants a lawyer that is smart, knowledgeable, passionate about his work and just someone who cares about his clients. I never felt like a paycheck for Mr. Rueda but a friend that was helping me through a rough time. He has high ethics and most importantly for me is not afraid to tell the truth about your situation and not just try to rack up billable hours. A true gentlemen and great representation...

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