How Long Does It Take To Get A Divorce In Texas?

In reality there really is no such thing as a quickie divorce in Texas. Our state requires a minimum 60-day waiting period between filing and finalizing a divorce. Additionally, due to the legal complexities involved in divorce, most couples find it takes longer than two months to officially dissolve the marriage.
What Factors Affect How Long My Divorce Will Take?

It is impossible to give a definitive answer, however, there are many factors that can influence the length of your divorce process, including:

• Contested divorce versus uncontested divorce
• The specific issues that are being contested
• What court your divorce is in
• The other party’s attorney
• How reasonable you and your spouse are
• If both parties are willing to engage in mediation or collaboration

Uncontested Divorces Save Time And Money

For spouses who agree upon the terms of their divorce (called an uncontested divorce), the process of ending their marriage is much more efficient. In some cases, the parties decide upon the terms of their divorce before filing. In other cases, the agreement is reached soon after. Uncontested divorces have the benefit of being resolved immediately following the 60-day waiting period.


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