Child Custody – The Child’s Best Interest

“In the child’s best interest” is a common term used in child custody cases. The default presumption in Texas courts is that joint managing conservatorship will be the best interest of the child(ren). This means that both parents share equally in important decisions such as health and education.
The court will rule in favor of what they consider to be the best interests of the child. There are many factors and evidence presented that influence the court’s conclusion of the child best interest. All of which will affect the issues of custody, child support and visitation.

Health, safety, care, emotional needs, and siblings are all factors taken into consideration. In Texas, financial responsibility in taken into account. The court considers education, stability and medical care. In some cases, the parent who can best provide for their child are granted custody.

Standard Possession Order

Standard possession order will be likely granted by the court when parents like within 100 miles of each other. This means that one parent is given physical custody of the child(ren) and the other is given visitation. Holidays are typically divided between the parent with visitation and the other parent. The parent with visitation will receive two weekends a month with the children, two hours per week during the school year and one month during the summer.


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