How Social Media Can Affect Your Divorce Case.

You have probably heard about how many employers in Texas and around the country now look at the social media accounts of job applicants. Well, in family law cases, lawyers do the same thing. If your wife’s or husband’s lawyer is doing a good job, you can bet that he or she will be scrutinizing your social media posts to see if there is something that could be used to weaken your position.

*Think Like A Judge*

What you think of as a throw-away post or harmless comment that doesn’t mean much could mean a lot to a judge. In fact, when going through a divorce or custody case, a good rule of thumb is this: before you post, ask yourself what the judge might think. Here are a few things a judge might think about, which means you should think about them, too:

• Would your post show impulsiveness or poor judgment?
• Is it wise to post pictures of yourself out at a bar or party?
• If you’re asking for custody of your children, would it make sense to post about how hard it can be to be a parent?
• Is it a good idea to post photos of you and your date before the divorce is finalized?
• Does your post reflect irresponsibility in any way?

Whether you’re upset or thrilled, always take a few minutes to think before you post anything on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or anywhere else. Try to post only positive messages and things that put you in a good light.


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