Mediation is Crucial in a Texas Divorce

    When couples in Texas divorce, in most counties they have to go through the mediation process first. This can actually be a good thing. It gives couples a chance to resolve their divorce legal issues privately and in a quicker manner than litigation would take. It also lets them keep control over the outcome of their case because mediation may resolve their divorce legal issues in a way that is agreeable to both of them.

    Divorce can be an emotionally trying time, and mediation can be one way for couples to part ways in a less traumatic manner. This may especially be true if there are children involved, as any child custody decisions should meet the child’s best interests.

    Litigation, however, is sometimes necessary. That being said, judges are neutral decision makers. They can issue decisions on many divorce legal issues, such as child custody, child support, alimony and property division. However, when it comes to litigation, the parties must live with the judge’s decisions, whether they agree with them or not. Therefore, if mediation fails, it is important that each party’s interests are represented in court.


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