How Long Will I Pay Child Support?

          Texas Family Code Section 154.001 provides the requirements of how long one must pay child support.  Generally, most fathers pay child support until the child emancipates which means they turn 18 or graduate high school, whichever occurs later.  Therefore, if your child is 18 but still enrolled in high school, then you can be ordered to continue paying support until graduation month.  However, if you have a child who is disabled, you could potentially pay support for as long as that disability persists.

What about Retroactive Child Support?

          It is not uncommon that we see cases where the parent seeking support is also asking for retroactive child support.  This means that you are not only going to pay child support but you are also going to have an additional lump sum amount that you will be paying on.  Retroactive child support is awarded when you have a case where the child is a little bit older and paternity has never been established.  It can also apply if you have final orders, marry or remarry the mother of the child, and then subsequently separate. The same guidelines apply as when calculating regular support so they would take 20% of your monthly net and calculate that back as far as 4 years.  Sometimes, considering factors within the Texas Family Code, the court can order you to pay back to birth.  With an older child, you can understand how problematic and expensive that can become.


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