DIVORCE MEDIATION: Frequently Asked Questions

• What is the role of the mediator? A mediator is a neutral party trained to assist couples resolve all of the issues associated with divorce, such as those pertaining to property division and child custody. This person is not a judge, so they don’t have the power to make final decisions on behalf of the divorcing couple.

• What does the process entail? During the first meeting, you’ll discuss all of the issues to resolve during mediation. From there, you’ll partake in additional meetings with the idea of negotiating and compromising until all issues are settled.
• How long does it take? There’s no easy answer to this question, as it depends on factors such as the willingness of both individuals to cooperate and the complexity of the divorce. On average, it could be a 4 to 8 hour long mediation(half day or full day)

• Do you have to appear in court? As long as you work everything out in divorce mediation, there is no requirement to go to court. This can save you time, money, stress and aggravation.

• How is it possible to go through mediation when we can’t get along? You don’t have to get along with your soon-to-be ex-spouse to benefit from mediation. With the help of the mediator, you’ll find it easier than expected to move through the process.

• Am I able to work with a family law attorney during mediation? Yes. Just because you’re not going to court doesn’t mean you have to tackle the divorce process alone.


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