What does a divorce mediator do?

The divorce mediator is an impartial third party that will help the couple through the divorce process. The mediator will help them to make their own decisions about finances, property, and child arrangements. Participants enter mediation voluntarily and work out differences through negotiation and cooperation.

If we work the terms of our divorce out with a mediator, what happens next?

Once you have worked things out with the mediator, they will make a record of the couple’s decisions. This record will serve as an agreement between the spouses. You still need to go before a judge to make your divorce final, but having the terms worked out ahead of time through mediation will keep things moving smoothly.

What if we can’t work things out through mediation?

Mediation is helpful because it helps people figure out what they want before they go to court. Sometimes, spouses cannot come to an agreement, and the judge must make decisions. If you and your ex-spouse are having problems working things out through medication, then you may have to go to court and have a judge decide.

What are the advantages of mediation?

It encourages couples to cooperate and work together to find solutions. Mediation is better for the children involved. It cuts court costs and unnecessary time out of the equation. Mediation remains a confidential service, rather than airing the couple’s grievances in court.


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