Crunching the numbers

Child support payment are calculated in part by considering how much a parent has in “net resources.” However, the formula includes a “cap” on the maximum amount of net resources that can be considered in the calculation. That cap limit was $8,550 per month in net resources. But starting September 1, 2019 that cap on net resources goes up to $9,200 per month. This table gives you some idea of how this increase plays out in terms of actual child support payments.

Number of children* Previous max monthly
payments until 8/31/19
NEW max monthly
payments starting 9/1/19
One child $1,710 $1,840
Two children $2,138 $2,300
Three children $2,565 $2,760

Already divorced? This applies to you too!

This increase will automatically apply if the first order or decree entered establishing child support is entered on or after September 1, 2019. But if you have an existing child support agreement already in place, you may be subject to an increase as well, it’s just not an automatic adjustment. If your current child support payments were determined through a court order, then someone will have to initiate a modification proceeding – typically either the payee (recipient) of the payments or the Attorney General.

Voluntary support agreements also qualify

If you and your ex were able to reach a voluntary agreement on child support, then the recipient will need to prove a material and substantial change in circumstances -either of the child or anyone else affected by the previous order. Remember, many events can be deemed a material change of circumstances to determine if any of the options apply to your situation.


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