CoronaVirus (COVID-19) Impact To Child Custody Visitation & Access Orders

If you have children subject to a court-ordered visitation schedule, you may be confused regarding if and how child exchanges/visitation should occur and what happens if this stay home order continues for an extended period of time.

MARCH 17, 2020 UPDATE – The Texas Supreme Court has released its “Second Emergency Order Regarding the Covid-19 State of Disaster” as it pertains to Standard Possession Orders.

“1. This order applies to and clarifies possession schedules in Suits Affecting the Parent–Child Relationship. For purposes of determining a person’s right to possession of and access to a child under a court-ordered possession schedule, the original published school schedule shall control in all instances. Possession and access shall not be affected by the school’s closure that arises from an epidemic or pandemic, including what is commonly referred to as the COVID19 pandemic.

2. Nothing herein prevents parties from altering a possession schedule by agreement if allowed by their court order(s), or courts from modifying their orders.

3. This Order is effective as of March 13, 2020, and expires May 8, 2020, unless extended by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.”

As far as we have been advised from the Texas Supreme Court, the stay home order does not alter your visitation order.


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