What Happens If the Custodial Parent Refuses Visitation?

4 Things to Do Before Going to Court

1. Keep Detailed Records Whenever your ex denies you visitation, record or write down anything documenting your concerns. Keeping a record of every date and time your ex hindered your visitation could help your case in court.

2. Obtain Outside Documentation Consider calling the police to file a report. A police report can be used as evidence when arguing your case in court. When the police arrive, show them your child custody order so that they can file a complete report. Another example of outside documentation includes a receipt from a purchase at a gas station nearby the pick-up location. Make a purchase using your credit card to show that you were near the pick-up location at the right time and date. Another recommendation is to text your ex as soon as you arrive at the pick-up location.

3. Talk With Your Ex The best thing to do is to sit down with your ex and ask them why they’re denying visitation. Schedule this talk at a public place away from the child. This way your ex can speak freely. If there is anything you can do to easily fix your ex’s concerns, then fix it. If your ex lays out concerns towards your child’s safety or well-being, then make moves towards fixing those concerns.

4. Seek Mediation After talking with your ex, if a disagreement breaks out and your cannot reach a resolution, consider seeking the help of a mediator.


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