Effects Of Parental Alienation On Children
Children may start displaying delinquent behavior. Sometimes the child may get depressed, start failing in school or develop eating disorders. That is why in child custody cases, the judge’s order is always made in the best interests of the child.

Parental Alienation Laws
The laws against parental alienation are clear. Most courts are now starting to acknowledge that parental alienation is becoming a major problem. Courts can find the alienating parent in contempt of court and impose sanctions against them. Another way the government can take action against such parents is by changing the legal and physical custody of the child. However, there are situations where the court may try to reunify a parent and a child by mandating that they undergo reunification therapy.

Steps To Take If You Are An Alienation Victim
You will need to record in a journal every time the custodial parent denies you physical access to your child. This record may come in handy if you decide to take legal action against that parent. Another way to shield you legally is to ask to see the child in writing or via email or text messages. What this will do is make it difficult for the other parent to make excuses about denying you access to your child. Never give up asking to see your child because one day your child will know you were not at fault in the alienation.


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