Mediation is a type of Alternative Dispute Resolution, or ADR, where you and your spouse try to solve your issues outside of the courtroom with the help of a certified family law mediator.

This can be especially helpful in a no-fault divorce, where you determine that nobody is responsible for the divorce and you are agreeing to separate amicably.
However, if your spouse abused you, then you may be eligible for a fault divorce and it might not be wise to try to work it out in mediation.

Typically, in mediation, you and your spouse will pay for the mediator unless you both agree that one of you will pay the fee. The mediator will attempt to work out issues that you and your spouse cannot work out on your own, such as who gets what assets or how you’ll share custody of your children.

Once you find a resolution to your issues, the mediator will then prepare a document that will lay out the terms of the agreements. This is called a Mediated Settlement Agreement.

Once all the terms are agreed upon, you and your spouse will sign the document. Once signed, the Mediated Settlement Agreement is binding on both parties and non-revocable.


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