How does the COVID-19 affect my active divorce proceeding?
At present, the COVID-19 emergency orders won’t likely affect your divorce proceedings much unless your case was set for trial or a jury trial in the next 30 days when such cases will likely be continued. Deadlines for discovery, mediation, and other items in scheduling orders will not likely be affected under the posture apparent today. However, each case and court are different. It should be recognized that the process could take more time as court facilities are limited, so it is important to seek information from an experienced attorney.

For collaborative law cases, none of these issues should affects the process as by their nature, the cases are settled outside the court system. The finalization of your case may take some time to schedule with certain courts, but that too will be on a case by case bases.

Can I continue to work to settle my case even if I experience delays?
In short, yes we can. It should be understood that for at least the next 30 days, some court settings and items may be pushed back. Anything beyond that time frame depends on the COVID-19 emergency response. Mediations and settlement negotiations can continue. It’s possible that delays of trials even allow you to settle your case as parties could be more willing to come to the table.

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