1. Follow Court Orders as Much As Possible.
Some court orders provide for reasonable and likely contingencies, but no one could have anticipated this unprecedented situation. Adjustments will inevitably be necessary. But the closer you can adhere to the original court orders, the less the likelihood that you will suffer legal consequences later.

2. Follow State and Local Orders:
In addition to your divorce decree, state and local orders, which you are obligated to obey by law, can provide solid, irrefutable guidance for you and your ex.

3. Use Your Highest Level of Communication Skills:
This is not the time to re-litigate old disagreements with your ex. Make every effort to settle disputes with your co-parent related to exposure to the virus, symptoms, financial and other changes in both your circumstances.

4. Be Honest:
Be completely transparent with your ex about any possible exposure of your child or a family member to the virus, and certainly about any symptoms your child may exhibit.

5. Arrange to Make-Up for Lost Time:
If your ex is not able to see the children as much as is customary, be generous in arranging for the children to have more time with your co-parent later, when the crisis is over.

6. Learn How to be Virtual:
Learn how to use FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, or Go to Meeting. You can help your children spend time virtually with your ex—and with grandparents.


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